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159053 - Mistress Saida and friend cuckold and pooping

Another kinky and perverse clip with Saida and Faith as couple wife-husband. She using her husband as cuckold slut and this is the clip you must have it in your collection!!! My darling Saida returned home and told me to wait for her properly because she wants to tell me something very important. She came dressed sexy, almost like a porn girl! She informed me that she will go to the club with her girlfriends and that she will look for a penis that will fuck her well, because I have nothing to satisfy her as a husband. Unfortunately, this is the reality and I am already used to my fate. She asked for all my cards and even suggested that I can take out a loan from the bank if I want her to stay with me and not divorce! Obviously I'm urgently going to make the necessary bank transfer for this night in the club with her girlfriends and I hope she finds a good penis that will satisfy her. Thank you again for staying with me darling.....In the last part of the clip, her friend was alone at home and was horny to poop for her fans. She also fuck her ass with a dildo for a great orgasm.