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164044 - Shitting on him (3 videos)

All 3 videos take place in the bathtub and see me shitting and him wanking until cumming.1st video: I squat on him, I push hard and a lot of pee and a big solid turd come out. Then he cums while licking my asshole.2nd video: I'm sitting on the tub edge while he's laying in the tub. I push a few turds out, the he takes them and smear his cock until cumming, while I'm still sitting there, looking at him.3rd video: I'm standing on top of him, in the tub, and I release a big stream of piss and a long flow of liquid shit on his cock, diarrhea like, while he keeps wanking 'till cumming.(The camera wasn't perfectly positioned, but you still can see the shit coming out and his dick)


76284 - Poop smearing over my ass and pussy

Hi! If I am new to you, nice to meet you, I’m Linda the new poop and scat lover girl. This is my second video of shit play I want to share with you. This video was not planned so it was spontaneous. I wanted to shit and then to my mind came idea to take my two cameras and start to record. I’m so excited getting more and more dirty! I finger my shitty asshole and then poop quite a lot, I grab that shit with my hands, then I rub it over my ass and pussy. IMPORTANT – Guys, this was supposed to be recorded with to cameras, but of my mistake it was not recorded in one of them. So, I’m only sharing video from the first camera. For some moments of camera crazy crops I drop a price, because I don’t want you to miss it 😉xoxoLinda


23589 - Solo Bath Tub Scat Orgy

watch me shitting and shit fucking in the bath tub, fucking my shitty ass and blowing the shitted dildo, dressing up as messy as i am and having a walk outside into my neighbourhood