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166294 - First time bidet use, fancy EFRO in fancy hotel

My parents invited me to stay in their vacation accomodation for a while. That means a whole new place to soil! Fancy places are the most fun to stink up good. With great urgency I hop to the toilet, feeling a big hard log pushing against my rectum. I stand over the toilet with my back towards you and buttcheeks apart, pissing hard (it splattered everywhere) and almost instantly a huge fat load slides out and splashes in the toilet. I greatly enjoy the release. Then I lose my bidet virginity, the cold stream of water right between my big fat buttcheeks feels really tingly and pleasurable. You see me react to the sensations, giggling and moaning. I already look forward to my next poo here!


69806 - Pooping thick log at my in laws place

I am on vacation at my in laws place. They live deep in the woods of Canada in a very small house. I wanted to make an outdoor vid but on that particular day it was raining outside. I have to be sneaky and can’t talk to you guys, cause my in laws are right in the other room and they would hear me.Can you believe I haven’t poop since 9 days? (My new record!) I squat on top of the toilet and pee. Then I take a piece of toilet paper and hold in under me because I don’t want my poop to fall down the toilet. I thick long log comes out and I manage to hold it straight. You can hear my in laws talking in the other room (I have no privacy at all!). I wash my hands and show you the log from a closer angle. I spread my ass and show you my dirty asshole. I put my poop in the toilet. There is no way this is going to pass throught the hole. There is no water pressure here! I wipe my ass and show you the dirty toilet paper. I flush and like I anticipated the toilet is blocked. I put my clothes back on.I go out and go grab something from the kitchen (not on camera). Come back in the bathroom and cut my poop in pieces. I flush again, this time successfully.