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164138 - Pooping Out Of Both Holes

I suddenly have the urge to poop, so I go to the bathroom. Something doesn’t feel quite right, so I take off my jeans and sit down on the floor. When I take off my panty, I can feel something isn’t where it’s supposed to be! A turd is poking out of my pussy which is definitely a different hole than expected. After a big shit turd emerges from my pussy then more poop comes out of the right hole! This incredibly naughty poop surprise has made me so horny! I fuck my pussy with the big shit log and use it as a filthy dildo. The shit dildo makes me squirt so hard while getting my pussy all messy and shitty. I cum so hard playing with the big poop that pushed out of my pussy! (You can watch the shit that came out of my pussy, come out of my asshole first in the video, The Perfect Log).