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166295 - Hotel countertop shit big soft smelly load, filmed by bf!

I never pooped right on a kitchen countertop before and this one was the perfect height, so of course I went for it! I lay my big fat asscheeks on there and almost instantly burst a fat load of creamy poo on it. I visibly enjoy the release, smiling with pleasure. Then I take a big whiff and react strongly to the intense smell. I decide to casually walk away and leave the enormous dump where it is. Then my boyfriend who's filming comes closer to show you the steamy pile of dung from all angles. Oh I love making a mess, especially on clean spaces!


165689 - Horny pantypoop on lid, creamy shit bursting out smearing everything. Includes cleanup.

Feeling a great urgency to take a dump, I decide to sit on the toilet. Not quite the usual way, though. I am really horny and the door is locked, so I decide to first sit on the toilet lid and play with my pussy a bit as I am enjoying the delicious sensations of my shit-filled rectum. Super aroused in the heat of the moment I decide to just let it all burst out. I pee and heavily shit my panties as I keep on pleasuring myself, getting even more horny in the process. My panties are too small and tight so the hot shit bursts out on the side, smearing my ass, legs and toilet lid. It feels SOOO good! Super aroused I start admiring and sniffing my big fat pile. I take off my very dirty panties and show you how smeared my ass is. You get to enjoy me playing with my poopy buttcheeks as more shit falls down from between it. Eventually I realize I have to clean up my mess because there are other people in the house. You see me struggle a bit trying to collect all my shit while I am all dirty myself too. Eventually I sort of succeed and walk off, still with visible shit smears on my body.


165061 - Hot lingerie load super sexy girl in fancy kitchen laying a HUGE dump

I was being naughty and felt great urgency to shit a BIG pile. I put on my favourite lingerie and grabbed the most beautiful plate to serve this ENORMOUS fat log to you in my parents' ultra fancy kitchen. I seduce you with my gorgeous feminine voluptuous body as I climb up over the plate. I squat and open my ass wide for you so you can see what comes out of my hot tight little butthole and huge fat ass. I accidentally pee my lingerie as I push out the shit. You then see me up front as I admire my enormous load. I bring the plate to you to treat you to a long full close up view of my amazing crap pile. I tell you how good it smells as I sniff it. I took some B vitamins so my pee is extra beautifully yellow. Scat admirers you are in for a treat!